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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. If I have my own car, can I use that instead of the Instructors car?

Yes, We are happy to use your own car at the Instructors discretion. If you feel that you are more comfortable in learning the skillsets required to pass your P's, then we are happy to use your car.

Q2. What are your operating hours?

We work around flexible hours and try to be available to suit your timeframe and your needs. Call or email us for any enquiry and we will be sure to match up a lesson that works for both you and us. We will travel to you and provide you with a fun and enjoyable experience everytime.

Q3. Do I get 3 Hours in my logbook for 1 hour with a driving instructor at night?


Q4. What do I do If I have to stop at a stop sign and there is another car opposite me with a stop sign?

Normal give way rules apply.

Q5. Can I have other people in the car with me when I am driving, apart from my supervisor when I am on a learners licence?

Yes, within reason as long as the Learner driver is not distracted.

Q6. When I do a left hand turn onto a highway, how many lanes do I need free on the highway?

Two lanes need to be free and three lanes if you are turning right further down the highway.

Q7. What do I need to have when going for my driving test?

If you are under 25 years of age you require your logbook with all the pages signed and hours completed. You must also have the statutory declaration at the back of the logbook signed by your supervisor. You also require your Learner Drivers licence and Completed licence application from sent to you when you book the test or you can get one at the RMS. If you are over 25 years of age you require all of the above except the logbook.

Q8. Can I go for the test in my own car?

Yes, or you can use the Instructors car. The RMS do not have vehicles that can be used.

Our Service
  • Manual 2015 Mazda 2 Neo
  • Automatic 2010 Nissan Tiida
  • Students may use own car at instructors discretion
  • Formal evaluations for driving test preparation
  • 3 hours student log book credit per daytime lesson
  • Campbelltown, Liverpool, Camden and Fairfield areas
Prices & Packages
All prices include GST
  • 1 Hour driving Lesson for $65
  • 5 lessons pack for $295
  • 10 lessons pack for $550
  • Drivers Test package for $150*

* Drivers Test package for $150 which includes a one-hour lesson before the Learner's driving test. For this lesson you will be using our car and will be picked up and returned home.